Crushed Peppers~
If your family is like mine, crushed "red" pepper is at the table for every meal. It is a great topping for soups, salads, pizza and more. Homemade crushed pepper lets you select your favorite peppers to enjoy year round.
  • 2 pounds (your favorite) hot or sweet peppers*
  1. Warning: You will want to wear gloves if you are working with hot, even mildly hot peppers.
  2. To Dehydrate Small or Thin Peppers
  3. Wash peppers by rinsing them lightly with cool water. Leave the stems on.
  4. Set aside to dry while you string a needle with fishing wire or other strong thread leaving about 20 inches of thread.
  5. Pierce the first pepper, slide to end and make a knot that anchors the pepper securely. Then simply thread on the rest of the peppers. At the end make a simple loop for hanging.
  6. Place in a well ventilated room to dry, approximately 6 weeks.
  7. Peppers are completely dry when they are firm and slightly brittle. You do not want any rubbery spots. Remove stems before processing.
  8. Dehydrated Black Chile Peppers ready for stem removal.
  9. To Dehydrate Large Green or Red Peppers
  10. Wash peppers by rinsing them lightly with cool water. Remove stems and carefully slice in half trying not to disturb the seeds. Place on drying racks in dehydrator set at 135 °: with open side up. Dehydrate for approximate 20 hours or until peppers are dried.
  11. When peppers are dried, place in a blender (seeds and all) and blend at a very low speed until skins are chopped to your desired texture. This will take a few minutes.
  12. Warning: Be very careful not to breathe in pepper dust as it will make you sneeze violently. Always use the cover on your blender. Do not open to look in without letting it settle for several minutes first. A face mask is advisable especially with hot peppers.
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